Organisation development consultancy

Our approach to consulting typically follows a five-stage process.

Entry & contracting is about making initial contact to understand what the client wants to achieve and agreeing the scope of the work. In addition establishing whether we can work together and clarifying outcomes, we will also agree who will be involved in the diagnostic phase of the work.

Data collection & diagnosis

This phase involves understanding, in relation to the agreed issue, what the current situation is, what is working and not working and what ideal future state or outcome is required. This will involve conversations with a diverse range of people and often includes some desktop research.

Feedback and decision to act

At this point we work with you to make sense of what we have found; to identify the key issues and underlying cause; and to prioritise where best to intervene.


There may be a single intervention, or a range of linked interventions. How they are best delivered and by whom will be part of the discussion and will include how to engage and influence others and manage the process of change.

Evaluation and transition

At the end of the implementation, we review both how far the work has achieved the desired outcomes and how we have worked together to achieve these. We agree what future involvement may be necessary and how best to support you to embed the changes.

odExamples of our work

  • Review of the Open University Associate Lecturer Representative Structure to increase & improve engagement & representation;
  • Development of University for Industry's employee representative group
  • Competency-based recruitment, selection & development of senior leaders in social housing
  • Work to improve climate and performance in many public sector teams
  • Facilitation of top team development