Organisation Development

consultingOur approach

We begin with diagnosis, by talking with key stakeholders to understand where you are now and where you want to be in future. This in itself is a powerful intervention that gets people thinking about key issues and creates readiness for the next phase. Next we define the gap between the current and future states and work with you to design and deliver structured interventions that will help you to shift from one to the other. Finally, we support you to embed and sustain the changes you seek.

We involve you in the process of identifying solutions and implementing change, rather than imposing it. Our aim in doing this is to win commitment from people by engaging with them and addressing the natural concerns, questions and reluctance people have when faced with change.


What we do

  • Work with you to clarify purpose, vision and strategy
  • Board development work, including 360-degree feedback
  • Diagnostic work in chosen areas of the organisation to establish what is working and what needs to change
  • Facilitate the implementation of change strategy
  • Facilitation of change events between stakeholders, teams and groups within your organisation
  • Develop the capability of leaders to implement strategic change
  • Develop the consultancy skills of internal change agents
  • Team building and development focused on key organisational challenges