Leadership Development


leadership2Our approach

We draw on a range of tried and tested maps, models and frameworks, together with activities such as participative group exercises, coaching, action learning, 360-degree feedback, case studies and actors in simulations to enable participants to develop greater self-insight and effectiveness.

Our programmes are experiential, target real issues and develop leaders to become more focused, influential and to manage people and performance more effectively. They may also include the opportunity to explore their toughest problems and challenges with peers as part of an Action Learning Set over a period of several months in order to address key work issues and sustain change.

 What we do

We design and deliver a wide range of bespoke development programmes for leaders and managers at all levels. We know both from experience and research that how leaders behave affects work climate (defined as "what it feels like to work here"), and that good climate is linked to high performance. So, we spend time enabling participants to become aware of the impact that their style of leadership has on the performance of others and how they can broaden their repertoire and develop behaviours that increase their effectiveness.

Typical programme content

  • Practical work on real, current leadership challenges and key issues that need to be addressed
  • Understanding the difference between leadership and management
  • Feedback on leadership style, either through a process of 360-degree feedback, or a self-assessment
  • Understanding and developing a range of styles that can be used flexibly to create a climate that delivers high performance
  • Inspire others through developing your vision
  • Development of key skills, e.g.: difficult conversations; influence and impact; coaching conversations; politics and power; and handling conflict
  • Goal setting and action planning