Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is tailor-made development to help you to enhance your performance and fulfil your potential. This typically includes developing new skills and behaviours; increasing your confidence and self-awareness; and getting feedback from others about your impact. Coaching will enable you to identify what is holding you back; tap into your strengths and potential; see things differently; and become more effective and focused on your goals and how to achieve them.

coachingCoaching sessions fit around your diary and are entirely confidential. You set the goals and agenda and I enable you to find your own solutions. You are responsible for taking action and making change happen. I encourage you to look at the bigger picture, as what is happening at work impacts on all aspects of life and vice versa.  Typical areas and needs that people ask for coaching on include:

  • New job role: make an impact quickly
  • Moving up a level: making the shift from an operational to a strategic role
  • Developing transformational leadership behaviours
  • Increasing confidence, impact and presence
  • Implementing change, influencing others & handling conflict
  • Career development: help to take new decisions about your career
  • CV and interview preparation skills
  • Life-work balance & resilience

"Wherever you go, there you are."  Kabat-Zinn

As an experienced coach, I have come to realise that effective performance is not only about developing skills and behaviours. What often holds us back is within us. Exploring how your inner drives, motivations and beliefs may be holding you back is crucial if you want to become more effective. This twin focus on the inner and the outer is a hallmark of my approach. Clients go away not only more skilful, but also more motivated and confident to take action.