Developing Women Leaders

womenOur approach

The heart of our approach to women's leadership development is a focus on seven key challenges that are typically faced by women in or aspiring to leadership roles. We have found that, if these factors are addressed, women are able to lead more effectively, progress in their careers and realise their potential.

Although women have many of the skills and qualities of transformational leadership, they still face particular challenges when aspiring to leadership roles. These are a combination of the organisational barriers arising from the organisation's culture and climate and individual barriers, such as fluctuating self-confidence and a disinclination to identify with and develop with some of the skills they need to succeed. Scroll down in FAQs for answers to questions about women-only programmes.

Our positive, constructive style helps women to focus on what they can do to become more confident leaders. Rather than criticise men, we encourage women to take responsibility for their interactions with male colleagues, to build positive relationships and to learn how to work with the differences in style that arise from our different conditioning. The ability to do this is an important leadership skill and one that is crucial for those who are destined to rise to the top of their organisation.

What we do

We offer Executive Coaching; development workshops for women; interactive network events; organisation development and research.

Typical programme content

We use a mix of methods: participative exercises in pairs and groups; plenary discussions; interactive presentations; skills practice, creative activities & time for reflection. We capture & value the real-life experiences of participants in order to build a bridge between these experiences & theory & research on leadership. Women coach each other on real, current issues. Specific areas include:

  • understand the 7 special challenges facing women leaders
  • act with more confidence and self-belief
  • articulate an inspiring vision
  • increase your visibility and impact
  • assert yourself, handle conflict and influence others more effectively
  • build support to sustain your progress beyond the workshop